General conditions of hiring

We expose the legal document by which the product and service’s hiring will be ruled through the website property of Guest Dress SL (from now on the provider or La Croixé BCN). The acceptance of the actual document implies the user:

  1. Has red, knows and understands what here we expound.
  2. That is a person with enough capacity to hire a product and or a service.
  3. That assumes all the obligations here we expound.

The actual conditions will have an unlimited validity period and will be applicable in all hiring’s made through the provider’s website

IMPORTANT: The provider has the right to modify unilaterally the conditions, without affecting the goods or promotions purchased previously this modification. On the other hand, except contrary indication, the contacts through telephone or fax/modem will have the same costs that local calls, so it won’t imply any superior cost to the basic rate.
IMPORTANT: By the Lay 12/2003, from November 24th, for the reform of the Law 1/2001, from March 3rd, in which its article 1 it is forbidden the sale or supplying to youngers of 18 years old. This ban is excluded when the sale or supplying to older than 16 years old gets authorized by the professional use of the product. In the second case, they should notify in a legal way through any accrediting way to La Croixé BCN about this measure.

IMPORTANT: In accomplishment of the current credit cards brands regulation: This trader is compromised in not allowing any illegal transaction or may be considered by the credit cards brands or the bank, which could have the potential to harm the good faith of themselves or to affect in a negative way in them. The following activities will be forbidden by virtue of the credit cards brands: the selling or offering of products or services which haven’t the full conformity with all the applicable laws to the Buyer, Bank issuing, Trader, Cardholder’s name.

Party’s Identities

On one hand, the provider of the goods and services hired by the user is Guest Dress SL with social address in c/ Calaf 10, 08017 Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain), NIF B66620352.

The user, logged in or not in the website, being responsible of the truth of the personal data given to the provider.

Contract Purpose

This contract has the purpose of ruling the contractual trading’s relationship born between the provider and the user in the same moment the last one accepts during the process of online purchase by the related box.

The contractual relationship implies the deliver for a price and publicly showed through our website, of a concrete product or service.

Contractual Proceedings

The contractual proceedings will only be made through the language Spanish. In case this could be done in other languages will be indicated before initiating the contractual proceedings.
The user, in order to have access to services provided by the provider, will have to logging through the website by creating an account. For this purpose, the user should give freely and voluntarily the personal data asked.

The user will select a username and a password, compromising to use it diligently and will not give it to a 3rd party. The user will notify the provider in case of lost or theft or the possible access of a 3rd person not authorized so the provider can block the account immediately.

The user won’t be able to choose as a username that contain words with the purpose of creating confusion to other users such as vulgar expressions, defamatory or, in general, opposite to the law or to the moral request and good habits.

Once the user account has been created, the user will be informed that in approval of the art. 27 of the Law 34/2002 of the Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Commerce, the contractual proceedings will continue with the following steps:

1. To make the shopping cart. It must express the quantity of product. The purchase will be superior of 10 euros. 2. Currency payment. The user must do the order as a guest or with an account. 3. Invoice details. Address’ selection and delivery territory. 4. Type of payment (credit card / bank transfer). 5. Check and purchase. Click on “I have read and I accept the terms & conditions to end the purchase”. 6. Payment information.

In any case, the provider’s contractual platform will inform the user, once the contractual proceedings are done, about the characteristics, prices, way of deliver, and date of purchase and estimated delivery date of the product or service purchased. The same way, the provider will send an e-mail to the user confirming the order.

The appropriate access to the e-commerce depends on the telecommunication system used and, in particular, on the Internet, so the Company does not take responsibilities in case of interruption, delays or service error’s due external causes out of the Company’s control just like the ones derivative of the device and/or the customer’s Internet connection.

Order deliveries

The order deliveries will be in the address freely given by the user. If in the moment of delivery one or more products of your order are not available or are sold out, it won’t be able to deliver the order completely. In this case, we get the right to choose between the partial compliance of the order or the total reject. In this case, we will inform you immediately by e-mail.
In the case the good you order is available, the time it takes to deliver it, in a regular period activity, is from 48/72 hours, counted since we receive your order.

In the same way, the provider is not assuming any responsibility when the delivery cannot be make due wrong, fake, inexact or incomplete information given by the user or because the user is absent during the delivery.
Without damage of the previous, the provider should adopt the correct measures of a good trader so the delivery can be done properly in the accorded time or as faster as possible to satisfy both the sender and the receiver so any responsibility could be imputed to the provider.

Price and Validity Period

All the prices indicated on the e-shop’s products are with taxes included and are expressed in Euro (€). Moreover, we will assign an amount of money in concept of shipping costs which can vary depending on the order made and where is the delivery made.
The prices of each product will be published in the website and will be applied automatically during the contractual proceedings in the last part of the purchase. The customer assumes the economic value of some products may change in real time. In any case this will always be communicated previously to users.

Any payment made to the provider will bring an invoice with the user’s name registered at the end of the purchase process. This invoice will be automatically sent to the user’s e-mail address, as well send with the product bought, if the user needs it.
For any information about the order, the user may contact with the provider’s customer care phone number which is (+34) 696 252 338 or through e-mail to In any case, the user will have to indicate the subject both in the phone call and e-mail the order number and the e-mail.

Payment methods

Until the complete payment, the delivery goods will be owned by La Croixé BCN.

We inform you that due the terms and conditions you may have with your bank, you may have additional costs such as transfer costs, account management, etc. We recommend you to inform your bank about it. The provider commits with no charging any costs with the previous said payment method. We reserve the rights of restrict in an individualized way the use of payment methods already said to one or more options.
We use secure payment methods. All the payments are confidential and they are transmitted in an encrypted way (SSL) to the financial entity.
The credit card payment can have a processing period time up to 48 hours.

Scalapay: PURCHASE CONFIRMATION - If you purchase with Scalapay, you will receive your order and pay in 3 instalments. You confirm that the instalments will be sold to and purchased by Retail Instalments SPV 1 Limited, the related parties and their beneficiaries and you hereby unconditionally and irrevocably authorise and consent to this sale and purchase.

Desisting rights

The user will have a period of 14 natural days counted from the date of reception of the order to return it. It does not applicable to products sell “in bulk” or “by meters”, such as fabrics, except if the purchase is made by one complete piece.
Unless the return is made because of imperfections in the product, the sipping costs will be assumed by the user. In any case, the product will have to be returned in its original packaging and in a perfect state. You can address your revocation and the return of the product to: Guest Dress SL, with address in c/Tavern 50, 08006 Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain), phone number (+34) 696252338 and e-mail:

ABOUT THE CONSECUENCES OF DESISTING AND REVOCATION. In case of a valid desisting or revocation communication, the outputs received and the profits obtained should be return mutually (i.e. interest).

In the case the buyer cannot return the total or a part of the receive outputs or in case they are damage, the buyer must compensate La Croixé BCN in a corresponding way. Moreover and to prevent the obligation of the compensation as a consequence of the damage resulting of the use of the thing, we recommend you to not use it as it was your property, avoiding the decrease of its value (and so, the product don’t have to be used or damaged and have to have the original label and must be returned with the original packaging). All the packages with returns should be sent to Guest Dress SL, with its address in c/Tavern 50, 08006 Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain) with costs paid by the user. The obligations for the restitution of the payments and the output will be accomplished in a period of 30 days. This period will begin for the buyer with the sending of the revocations or with the sending – return –of the orderd and by La Croixé BCN with the reception the same.

Applicable guarantees

All of them are counting with a guarantee period in agreement with the criteria and conditions describe in the Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2007, November 16th, by which the text from the Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios y otras leyes complementarias

Data protection

The responsible for the e-commerce in effects of the regulation in terms of data protection with personal nature and the regulation in terms of e-commerce is La Croixé BCN.
We will use your data only with the planned terms by the Law and base on your consent; especially if there is data related with the reception and the accomplishment of your order (i.e.: name, address, e-mail, behaviour data in terms of payments and orders…) and so as any other data you can provide us voluntarily.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

This conditions will be ruled according to the Spanish legislation in all which is not expressly stablished. The provider and the user, agree to obey any controversy that que be created by the compensation of the products or services from its condition in Barcelona’s Court.

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